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Sundarban Tourism

 If you are flying, you must disembark at Kolkata’s Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport. You may ride a taxi or the local rail to Canning from the airport. You’ll need two hours to go to Canning. Once you get to Canning, you must take a local shared vehicle in the direction of Gadkhali Jetty. You may board a boat at Gadkhali Jetty to get to Sundarban National Park.

By Train.

The closest train station to Sundarban is Sealdah Railway Station. Therefore, it will take you two hours to go to Canning by local train from where you must disembark. You may take a neighbourhood van from Canning to Gadkhali Jetty. You’ll need to take a boat from Gadkhali Jetty to go to Sundarban.

By Road.

You would need to relocate from Kolkata to Gadkhali if you choose to travel by road. To get to Gadkhali, you can either rent a car or drive yourself. Your journey will take about 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete. You may take a boat from Gadkhali to Sundarban National Park in West Bengal.

By Waterway.

Gadkhali is the sole waterway hub from which one may access the Sundarban. From Canning, you must take a car to get to Gadkhali. Gadkhali may be reached most frequently by using neighbourhood shared vehicles.

So, now that we are certain that sundarban tour is the finest tourism destination, we will know which locations are the best and why.:



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